Class Fill

Fills use lines.

Common data are canvas to draw on, and instances to calculate ID for XML.

Private data group, lines, centerDot

Attributes are outline and width – delegated to private lines – and fill and constraint.

obj class fill -common {
  canvas .c
  instances {}
} -configure {
  -fill white
  -outline ""
  -width ""
  -constraint ""
obj constructor fill args {
  my centerDot [new dot]
  my group {}
  set lines $args
  my lines $lines
  $self lines group $self
  our instances [list {*}[our instances] $self]
  $self calcCenter
obj destructor fill {
  $self draw no
  set index [lsearch [our instances] $self]
  our instances [lreplace [our instances] $index $index]
  foreach line [my lines] {
    $line group [my group]

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